Focusing on electroplating additives and process over 30 years+

Electroplating additive

Unimirror ® acid copper brighteners

Unimirror® Nickel Plating Process

Unimirror ® Satin Nickel Plating Additives

Unimirror® Environmentally Friendly Trivalent Chromium Plating Process

Unimirror® SCR 90 Decorative Chromium Plating Process

Unimirror® Environmentally Friendly Tin Plating Process

Metalloy® Nickel-Tin and Cobalt-Tin Alloy Plating Process

Metalloy® golden copper-tin electroplating additives

Metalloy® silver eletroplating brighteners

Metalloy® Gold Plating Additives

Metalloy® Environmentally Friendly Zinc Plating Processes

Uniklear® Electroless Plating Process

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